August Presentation: Crocodile Stories

Summary from Gordon Grigg’s August Presentation

Crocs have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom

And a unique integumentary sensory network.

Crocs make long resting dives.

Most dives are conducted aerobically.

Dive time is extended by PBS generating a

reduction in MR; spins out the oxygen store).

Hypothesis emerged that crocs have endothermic ancestry.

This strengthened by discovery that crocs have lungs like birds.

Data is accumulating about how well and how far crocs travel

And that they may not be as debilitatingly anaerobic as they are usually painted.

They have also shown some interesting navigational abilities

And a well-developed capacity to use water currents strategically.

If they are as smart as hatchling loggerheads, they may have magnetoreception skills

And a sacculus to sense infrasound and turn each other on

And sensory ISOs all over their heads which they use in lovemaking, and eating, and who knows what else?

And somebody has to work out why the crocs have them all over their bodies, but the alligators don’t.

Bottom line: Crocs are ectotherms, yet they have a 4 chambered heart like mammals and birds, which are endotherms, and a lot of secondarily derived additions to give them a PBS, like reptiles.


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