Biodiversity at Brisbane Airport: Relocation of the White-bellied Sea Eagle’s Nest

Our February presenter was Karyn Rains from the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). She examined the environmental initiatives associated with the construction of the new parallel runway (NPR). One important aspect of conserving the biodiversity of the area was the relocation of the nest of a White-bellied sea eagle.
white bellied sea eagle. Geoff Whalam
The nest was in an old stand of eucalypts destined for removal for the NPR. The orientation, height and aspect of the nest were noted so that they could be repeated at its new location 2km west in the Boondall Wetlands, well away from areas frequented by humans such as walking tracks.
A whole section of the tree, including the branches where the nest rested, was cut off and lowered intact by crane. The whole thing was then transported to the new site and attached to a pole by a stainless steel collar.
The site is being monitored for success and the outcome will be known in the next breeding season. Photo courtesy Geoff Whalam via Flickr

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